Managing Life's Challenges

We all need help with life's challenges from time to time and turning to professional counseling may help you and your family successfully deal with those challenges.



If you would like to do something worthwhile for your health and well-being, consider seeing how counseling can help.

Can counseling really help me with my problem?

***Doug Pannette is currently out on medical leave and is not accepting clients at this time. If you need assistance please contact Nancy Lowrie and Associates at 440-846-0862 or Pscyh BC at 844-468-5050.***

Whether your problems are personal, professional, marital, relationship, family, or addiction related, the wide range of professional services Doug offers can make a huge difference.  To learn more, click here.

About Doug and Jill

Learn more about our therapists' clinical approach, and the benefits of turning to them for your needs.  For information about their background and services, see About Doug, About Jill, and Services.

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